all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

How To Avoid A Disastrous Oilfield Truck Accident

by Dan Adams

With the growing number of oilfields, companies bringing oil to the market will need to rely on oilfield trucks. However, these rigs carry unique risks that will require that managers hire and train the right workers. It is also important to follow all laws and regulations, since the will improve driver safety even if oilfield companies have exemptions.

Don't Transport Too Much Oil

Make sure that the combined weight of the oilfield truck is not more than the maximum limit. There are some companies that try to carry a greater amount of weight than they are legally allowed. Trucks that weigh more than legally allowed are not able to brake as quickly. Also, during an accident, the truck is more likely to be damaged.

Inspect Trucks Before a Route

Prior to driving the oilfield truck, make sure that the equipment attached to the truck is secure. If there is any risk that the equipment could fall, do not get underneath, behind or to the side of the truck. Contact the OHSA to inform them of when drilling will start so they can send inspectors, if necessary.

Mandate That Drivers Rest

Make sure that your drivers are following the legally required work hours. There are restrictions on how long a driver can work before being forced to rest for a designated period. This is to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel.

Create a System for Filing Safety Complaints

Make sure that a system is put in place that allows for workers to file complaints if they believe that there is a safety risk. Consider issuing rewards in response to efforts by drivers to report safety hazards.

Educate Workers with Material Safety Sheets

While all heavy rigs are dangerous to drive, oilfield trucks in Alberta have the added danger of transporting a highly flammable and potentially explosive product. The oil is most likely to burn when a spark ignites the oil vapors. Sometimes, accidents result simply from failing to communicate to employees about the risk inherent in the oil product and the ways the driver can mitigate the risks. Workers must be provided with material safety sheets, for example.

Install Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software can reduce the risk of accidents by monitoring and controlling how the drivers drive. These web-based software programs will monitor workers for irregular driving patterns and can also monitor heavy rigs to determine when trucks will need maintenance.


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