all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

Make Sure You Choose the Right Shipping Method

by Dan Adams

There are several different kinds of shipping processes, and it may be difficult to know what kind your business may need. Depending on what you are shipping and how quickly you need it to get to where it's going, you might require parcel, less-than-truckload, or full load shipping. Here is an explanation of each: 


Parcel shipping is usually used for smaller packages or shipments. You may use it to ship a small order to a customer or to receive something necessary for your business. However, these delivery services generally won't work if you have to get a large shipment that can't be broken down into smaller parts or if it's a larger shipment involving many packages.

Less Than Truckload

Less-than-truckload shipping, or LTL,  is a "medium" choice. It's good for shipping loads that are bigger than about 150 lbs but lighter than around 20,000 lbs. The trucks used for this are usually smaller, not full semi-trucks. Using LTL shipping can take a little longer than using parcel shipping or a full-load shipping carrier because they use something called a spoke-and-hub shipping method. Each package goes to a central hub and then out from the hub to a smaller distribution center at the end of the spoke that extends from the hub. From that end-of-the-line distribution center, the shipment then goes to its final destination. The delivery drivers tend to have regular routes, so they are familiar with the final destinations. 

Full Load

Full-load shipping involves filling up a semi-truck. To use one of those shipping carriers, you should have shipments that are over 20,000 lbs. They are ideal if you have a large piece of equipment that needs to be shipped or a very large order that needs to be fulfilled. Full-load shipping is also a more direct shipping method. That's because it is generally point-to-point. Instead of having the shipment go from its starting point to any kind of series of shipping networks, the carrier picks up the order from its beginning point and delivers it directly to its destination. One of the few times the shipment may need to go to another stop during the delivery is if it needs to go through another kind of transportation method, such as a boat or plane. 

Making sure that you use the right kind of shipping for your particular need will make sure that your shipment gets where it's going in the most efficient way possible. Contact a Chilliwack truck company for more details.


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all about heavy construction equipment

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