all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

Planning Your New Home Construction? 4 Reasons You Should Choose A Post-Tension Slab

by Dan Adams

If you're in the process of designing your new home, you need to spend some time on the foundation. In fact, you need to spend quite a bit of time on the foundation. You see, without a strong foundation, the rest of your home might suffer. One thing you need to consider is whether you should invest in a post-tension slab. Before you pass on the reinforced foundation, here are four reasons why you should say yes to a post-tension slab.

Reduces Foundation Cracks

When it comes to the foundation, the last thing you want to deal with is cracks, especially since significant cracking can lead to problems throughout your home. Traditional concrete slabs can develop cracks due to weather, soil shifting, and moisture damage. One of the benefits of a post-tension slab is that cracks will be kept to a minimum.

Improves Structural Integrity

If you live in earthquake country, you know how important a strong foundation is. Even minor earthquakes can cause damage to your foundation and undermine the structural integrity of your home. That's where post-tension slabs come in. Because this type of foundation is reinforced with steel rebar framework, your home will be held securely in place during those underground temblors.

Provides Even Weight Distribution

When a home is built on a traditional foundation, the weight is distributed along the edges of the foundation – or the footings. Unfortunately, that type of weight distribution doesn't always hold up over time, especially in areas where soil is unable to support substantial loads. Over time, soil erosion and compaction can lead to foundation troubles for your home. With post-tension slabs, the weight of the house is evenly distributed over the entire foundation. This means that the footings won't bear the brunt of the weight distribution.

Reduces Construction Costs

If you're building your own home, you want to keep construction costs as low as possible, without cutting corners on craftsmanship and strength. Post-tension slabs allow you to cut building costs without undermining the strength and craftsmanship of your new home. Because the foundation is reinforced with rebar framework, less concrete is required, which reduces the overall construction costs, while still providing you with a strong foundation.

Now that you're planning for the construction of your new home, don't take chances with the foundation. To ensure that your new home is built on solid ground, choose a post-tension slab for the foundation. To learn more, contact a company like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC.


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