all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

3 Features To Look For In A Flatbed Trailer

by Dan Adams

Investing in a new trailer can be a beneficial way to transport heavy loads from one place to another. Flatbed trailers offer you the versatility required to move loads that are tall or have odd dimensions with ease.

Here are three features that you should be looking for if you are planning to purchase a new flatbed trailer in the future.

1. Look for tie-down rings.

Since a flatbed trailer has no enclosed top or sides to help secure your load, it's essential that you tie the objects you are moving securely to your trailer prior to transit. In order to facilitate the proper securing of your loads, you should look for a flatbed trailer that features built-in tie-down rings.

These rings should be located not only along the outer edges of the trailer, but throughout the floor of the trailer as well. Multiple tie-down rings will give the ability to securely fasten your heavy loads to your trailer using multiple access points in order to prevent shifting during transit.

2. Look for durable construction.

Once you purchase a new flatbed trailer, the vehicle will likely get a lot of use as you move heavy loads from one place to another. This means that your trailer needs to have a durable construction in order to withstand the test of time.

Be sure to evaluate each flatbed trailer you are considering with durability in mind. Check that each weld used to create the trailer's frame is clean and that the flooring used to create the flat surface of the trailer is properly installed. Ensuring your new trailer has a durable design will help the trailer remain useful well into the future.

3. Look for a lower height profile.

You should consider the ease with which your new flatbed trailer can be loaded and unloaded prior to making a purchase. If you will be hauling heavy machinery, vehicles, or construction equipment with your trailer regularly, then you will benefit from a trailer with a lower height profile.

These trailers, often referred to as low boys, are easier to access than their taller counterparts. You can eliminate a lot of the stress involved with loading and unloading when you invest in a flatbed trailer with a low height profile.

Being able to invest in the right flatbed trailer will give you access to a vehicle that can be used to transport your heavy loads with ease. Look for a trailer with multiple tie-down rings, a durable design, and a lower height profile as you shop for a new flatbed in the future.


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