all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

3 Tips For Buying And Caring For Forklifts

by Dan Adams

Forklifts make up a $45.01 billion market globally, and it's on pace to grow to an $81.4 billion market. When you're trying to handle materials on your construction site, warehouse, or any other such company, it's important that you look into quality forklifts that can handle plenty of work. You can get great value when you purchase a new or used forklift. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing some quality forklifts and put them to use. 

#1: Get to know your work area and how you're going to use your forklifts

It's important that you consider your work area so that you know how you will put forklifts to use. You will need to gauge matters like your floor layout and square footage, the way your inventory and stations are arranged, how high vertically you'll need to lift items, and other matters. This way, you'll be able to figure out how many forklifts you need and how you can arrange them in your workplace. 

#2: Come up with a budget and a plan for buying your forklifts

Make sure that you learn a bit more about forklifts so that you can get to know which models are ideal. When you study the market to see what kinds of forklifts are available, it'll help you begin budgeting. You will likely pay $15,000 and up on a forklift. The market is healthy for both new and used forklifts and will allow you to explore several options. Touch base with a company that sells new and used forklifts, and ask to test them out before taking them into your possession. 

#3: Get the repair work that you need to take care of your forklift

Explore your forklift repair options by looking for a company that does the best work. Find out which companies provide repair plans so that you can get replacement parts and services that will be useful to you. Forklift repairs will cost $100 per hour or so in labor most of the time. Keep an ongoing budget for your forklift so that you're able to get timely repairs that don't slow down your business or its productivity. Be particularly mindful to take care of the engine and lubricate any of the moving parts. 

Consider the points above when you need to get the best from your forklift. From there, reach out to some professionals that can assist you, like Lift Solutions, Inc.


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