all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

2 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Crane With Operator For Your Upcoming Construction Project

by Dan Adams

If your business has an upcoming construction job that will require lifting heavy materials and/or will require those materials to be lifted above one story, you may have decided that using a crane will be an essential part of the project. Because you do not want to spend the money to buy a new one, you may have decided to lease one for the project.

If you do not have any workers who are licensed to operate this type of heavy equipment, you may be looking for a leasing company that includes someone to use the crane along with the rental. Along with determining whether the crane comes with an operator, there are a couple of questions you should ask when you first contact the leasing company.

1.  What Information Do You Need to Have Ready When You Speak with the Leasing Representative?

When you first speak with the sales rep, ask them about the information you will need to collect before leasing the crane. Typically, they will want such information as the average sizes and dimensions of the loads the crane will be handling as well as a description of the overall worksite where it will be delivered. 

Once the representative has this information, they can discuss what size crane they would recommend for you to use. This way you can ensure that the one you lease can be able to handle the entire job.

2.  Are You or the Rental Company Responsible for Obtaining Permits for the Crane's Use?

Another question you should ask has to do with the permits. Not only will you need to have permits for the operation of the crane, but you might also need them for its delivery. 

Depending on the leasing service, they may provide the operating permits but require you to handle the permits for getting the equipment to the worksite. Discuss this with the sales representative so that you can plan on having such documents as road closure or transport permits well before the expected arrival date of the machinery.

When you speak with the representative about renting a crane and operator, having information such as load size and dimensions, restrictions, and a description of the worksite can help them assist you with deciding what equipment size you need. Also, knowing what permits are required and whether you will need to provide them can help you fully plan for the machine's arrival. If you have any further questions, speak of a representative with a heavy construction equipment company that offers crane and operator leasing services.


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