all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

Selling Your Heavy Construction Equipment? 3 Things You Need To Do When Working With A Buyer

by Dan Adams

If you need to sell some of your heavy equipment, and you're contacting online buyers, now's the time to prepare for the transaction. Working with an online equipment buyer is a great way to sell your heavy equipment. You do need to take the right steps, however. Equipment buyers want to know that they're buying quality equipment, which is where your preparation comes into the picture. Here are four steps you need to take when working with an online equipment buyer

Take Pictures

If you're selling your heavy equipment to an online buyer, be sure to take plenty of pictures. You might not think that pictures are important, but that's not the case. Providing photographic documentation can improve your chances of selling your heavy equipment for top dollar. When taking pictures, be sure to capture your equipment at every angle, including the underside. If there's visible damage, provide photographs of those areas as well. That way, there aren't any surprises when the buyer takes possession of your equipment. 

Obtain an Appraisal

If you want to sell your heavy equipment to an online buyer, don't forget to obtain an appraisal. If you haven't had your equipment appraised in a while, you might not know where the current value stands right now. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge can undermine your ability to secure a fair price for your heavy equipment. Not only that, but your buyer can use the information to determine their offer. 

Schedule an Inspection

If you're ready to sell your heavy equipment, and you're going through an online buyer, now's the time to schedule an inspection. This is especially important for the online buying process since the buyer can't provide an in-person inspection on their own. A current inspection report will identify any potential issues that will affect the value of your equipment. However, it will also provide the buyer with peace of mind in knowing that they're purchasing equipment that's in good working order. If there are defects, the prospective buyer will know what work needs to be done once they have the equipment in their possession. 

Collect Service Records

Finally, if you plan to sell your heavy equipment, and you're working with a buyer, be sure to gather all of the essential service records. Current service records allow the buyer to see what type of maintenance was performed, as well as the types of repairs that were needed.  


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