all about heavy construction equipment

all about heavy construction equipment

What Are The Safety Benefits Of Construction Site Light Towers?

by Dan Adams

Light towers are a useful source of light on many construction projects. They help you work outside of daylight hours and in interior environments that don't have a power source.

These towers also have some safety benefits. What are they? 

Light Towers Illuminate Work Areas

If your crews work without sufficient natural light, then they can't necessarily work safely. They will be more likely to make mistakes and to have or cause accidents.

For example, if someone is drilling and can't see their working area clearly, then they might not see power cables in the ground. They could drill into a cable and electrocute themselves.

Or, if a driver is reversing a machine across a site, then they can't drive safely if they don't have enough light in the area. They might not see someone who is working a little distance in front or behind them. By the time they see the person, it might be too late for them to stop. They could hit the person and seriously hurt them.

If you rent light towers, then you can ensure that all areas of your site are well-illuminated. You can use these towers indoors or outdoors. In either case, they shine a clear and bright light.

Your crews can see what they are doing at all times. You'll reduce accidents and injury risks.

Light Towers Deter Intruders

If you have a small crew working on your site at night, then they are at a higher risk of running into intruders. If people think that your site is closed for the day or is dark enough to conceal their presence, then they might break in to steal equipment or machinery.

Your workers might not have the light to see that other people are on the site. While many intruders don't want to cause physical harm, some might attack a worker if they feel cornered.

If you install light towers, then your crews will feel safer. They have better visibility. They are also less likely to run into intruders who won't be as likely to come into a brightly-lit site.

Light Towers Make Your Workers More Visible

Even if your crews wear high visibility clothes when they work in failing light or at night, they won't always be easy to see. For example, if your crew is working on a road during the evening when visibility is poor, then a driver might not see them until it is too late to prevent a crash.

If you install light towers around your site, then drivers can see your work area from further away. As they get closer, they'll also have a clear view of your crews. They can drive safely past your site without harming any of your crew.

To source suitable rigs, contact construction site light tower rental companies.


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